Silver Fox Creations - Carpets
Quarter Inch Catalog How To Order
 All  carpets are printed on flocked scrap-booking paper to give a more realistic look to the carpet..

They come in three sizes - small, medium and large. the sizing is approximate as the carpets do vary in length and width. The small ones are approximately 1" by 1 3/4" and can be used for accents carpets or small room carpets.  The medium sized ones are approximately 1 3/4" by 3" and can be used as center room carpets or could be used as accents carpets for 1/2" scale rooms. The large size ones are approximately 2 3/8" by 3 5/8" and are meant to fill the entire room and can be used in 1/2" scale as well.

Small are $2.50 (U.S.) each; Medium  are $3.50 (U.S.) each; Large are $ 4.50 (U.S.) each

At the present time we have not listed each carpet individually; this is planned for the future so any questions can be directed to me via e-mail