FS04 Tulip Footstool Silver Fox Creations - Footstools
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ST01 Blue Footstool All footstool surfaces are 1 5/8" x  1 1/8". The designs are
stitched on 40 count linen using cotton floss.
Price ($ U.S.) =  295.00
Needlework Copyright: Silver Fox Creations
Footstools Designed by Judith Blondell
ST03 Green and Pink Footstool
ST01 Blue Footstool   ST03 Green/ Pink Diamond Footstool
ST04 Tulip Footstool ST02 Green and Yellow Footstool ST05 Pink Footstool
ST04 Spring Tulip Footstool ST02 Floral Garden  Footstool ST05 Floral Bouquet Footstool