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Hello! I hope that you are enjoying your travels through my website and have found items of interest or something to get your creative juices flowing to create your own needlework or quarter inch project. Please visit 'My Projects' to see some of the quarter inch work I have done and how my inventory of quarter inch accessories has been used. 

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet me or see me at a miniature show, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself. 

In my 'other' life I was a Computer Systems Analyst but always 'crafty' . When I took the golden handshake, I decided I wanted to do something in miniatures full time. I discovered that there was very little in the way of cross stitch in miniature. It was mainly limited to bed covers and bell pulls. I decided to try  cross-stitching 'pictures' and was quite overwhelmed by the reaction my efforts received. Many people have commented that my works look like paintings. I say, in truth, I am a frustrated artist and 'paint' with thread'. It is also excellent therapy for the arthritis in my fingers. In 1995, I decided to try my hand at this as a business. The name 'Silver Fox' came quite naturally due to my white hair and the fact that it is a family name for me. As my arthritis continued to invade my fingers and made the stitching more time consuming, I turned to my other 'obsession' - quarter inch projects and discovered a shortage of quality accessories. The old adage of 'necessity is the mother of  invention'  was the driving force for me . And I resurrected my computer skills and started producing carpets, pictures, plates, stained glass etc to decorate my work. This led to the other half of my inventory. As well, I also carry wonderful work by  artisans talented in this scale.

 I have been fortunate enough to have my needlework displayed in several major exhibits - including the 'Zoom sur la miniature' in Quebec City, Canada for a full year and an exhibit in the Tee Ridder Museum in Nassau County N.Y. A sample of this exhibit was shown in the December 1998 issue of the Miniature Collector. Several of pieces were also included in the 4th edition of IGMA's 'Elements of Style' exhibit. A 'how-to' article featuring two Christmas Pillows I designed was featured in the December 2000 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures. For all of these wonderful happenings for my work I am profoundly grateful and hope it encourages others to see what can be done with cross-stitch.

Also I am very proud that several pieces of my quarter inch work have received attention. My interpretation of Sue Herber's  ''Beatrix Potter Village' won 1st prize in the Ottawa Central Canada Exhibition and just his past year my interpretation of Debbie Young's "Visalian" house garnered 4th place at the Philadelphia Miniaturia.

And, of course, none of this would be possible without the support of my husband, Eddie, who  occasionally accompanies me on my journeys to miniature shows.  Believe me he is quite knowledgeable about the world of miniatures and cross stitch so if you see him at a show, don't be afraid to query him about my work!!!  He is also learning the fine art of quarter inch!!

As our 'family' has grown to include 3 cats and 2 dogs he tends to do pet sitting duty now. Below are photos of our great animals.

This is Keller - our blind /deaf Himalyan. Our beloved dog Fergie found her in the window well and she is a love!!
And this is Winston …Keller's seeing eye kitty. Winston is a flame point Exotic Shorthair and everyone's BOY!!
Maggie Mae
And this is Maggie Mae, a shaded silver Persian and is our 'Internet' cat as that's where we found HER!! She is a real cutie!!!

This is Spencer, our first Miniature Australian Shepherd. When we lost our beloved Fergie (a full  sized Aussie) we decided to go smaller so we could travel with a dog. She is an extremely clever dog - sometimes too clever for her own good. Always thinking and plotting something!



This is Nigel and he is a full brother to Spencer - same parents; different litter. We realized that Spencer needed a play mate - the cats just didn't cut it - so back we went to the breeder and came home with him - a totally happy puppy who just loves people and isn't a heavy thinker - just wants to be loved and cuddled - thinks he is a lap cat!!


I hope this gives you a small insight into my world of miniatures. Enjoy the rest of my web site!!